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Winnipeg MINI Owners Club

Welcome to Winnipeg's only MINI owners club run by MINI enthusiasts! 


Winnipeg MINI Owners Club is a friendly, casual, non-profit group formed primarily as a social club for the enjoyment of the MINI Cooper automobile; to promote the interest in the MINI; share maintenance and overall performance ideas and technical questions; to sponsor and/or participate in charitable events.


The Winnipeg MINI Owners Club was officially formed in Novemeber 2015 with the offical launch in January 2016.


Anyone who holds an appreciation and interest in these cars may join.  We welcome all MINI's/Mini's both new and classic to our club


By being a member of the Winnipeg MINI Owners Club you help grow the MINI scene and culture of the MINI automobiles.


Joining is simple!  Attend one of our many events, meet and greet, motoring runs or car shows that we hold through out the year.  Attending our MINI rally and meets shows support, so please attend frequently.


We no longer have a membership fee!  If you feel you would like to contribute a small amount, we would gladly accept them.  Winnipeg MINI Owner Club decals can be requested at meet ups.



Get In Touch

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Have a question?  Send us an email and we'll get back to you.

If you would like to be notified of future Winnipeg MINI Owners Club events, please join our Facebook group for upcoming events. 


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